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I grew up in Italy as a child with three passions: drawings, sun and bread. Tricky to make a living out of sun or bread, I chose the first one to build a career. 
I studied Graphic design and later moved to Bristol, uk, for an Animation MA. A big fan of learning, my path continued to grow while collaborating with many Amazing animation studios for over 10 years, discovering animation tricks and the joy of creative collaboration and teaching.  
In 2018, full of wonderful experiences but a little sun deprived, I moved back to Milan, where I now continue freelancing, eating bread and drinking Earl Grey tea. 
As a creative I'm on a continuous journey to translate the world into art through my perspective. 
What I love is to create colourful and playful pieces that leave the viewer with a positive feeling. Even when the subject is a difficult one, I like the challenge of finding some beauty in it. Personally, I find joy in the silliness of play, meaningful human connections and seaside nature.  
I happily collaborate with Studios, agencies and private clients. Handling animation, design, or overseeing the entire creative process. Starting from a brief, I can craft a distinctive visual style and bring it to life with beautiful movement, helping transform ideas into an animation that captivates and resonates with the audience.

some of the clients I've worked for

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